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Unprecedented violence followed rigged elections of 9 August 2020 in Belarus. Police brutally assaulted peaceful protesters. Detainees were ill-treated and tortured. State-sponsored violence continues till now. Resulted in more than 1.000 injured, 32.000 arrested and several dead. As of February 15, there are 255 persons in Belarus are considered political prisoners, some of them already got sentences years long in prison. I witnessed police violence with my own eyes and spent several days in prison after being caught in the street for no reason. I was inspired to this marathon by the Belarusian athletes (bssf.team), who opposed the police violence. Despite the repression that was used against them our true heroes Aliaksandra Herasimenia, Yelena Leuchanka and many others keeping oppose the cruel regime. It is my first attempt to run a full marathon. By this, I am supporting campaign #MarathonForFreedom started by Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation. I hope to fundraise 1€ per each professional athlete signed an open letter to the government with the demand to stop the violence. #MarathonForFreedom

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Amnesty International is a global human rights organization whose goal is a world where human rights are a reality for every human being. Amnesty’s mission is to investigate serious human rights violations and campaign against them all over the world.



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