Half Marathon for Amnesty International
Cyril Sjöström Helsinki Run for human rights

Half Marathon for Amnesty International

This campaign is to raise funds for Amnesty International. My nonprofit of choice is Amnesty International because they investigate and expose human rights violations all over the world. Amnesty advances its goal of a more just world, by educating and mobilizing the public. The vast majority of their income relies on small donations from private individuals. I'm Cyril, a hobby jogger from Helsinki, Finland. I just recently rediscovered my passion for running again. My goal is to run a half marathon at the Helsinki City Running Day 2021 (May 15th, 2021) I will run a half marathon for Amnesty International at the Helsinki City Running Day 2021 (May 15th, 2021) All the proceeds of this campaign will go to Amnesty International. THANK YOU for your donation.

Amnesty’s running team collects funds for a more just world. Amnesty’s work relies almost exclusively on by private donations. Together we can put an end to discrimination, defend the rights of women and offer a future for those fleeing wars and persecution.
Amount Raised:
Target: 3,000 €
2/2/2021 5/26/2018
Amnesty International is a global human rights organization whose goal is a world where human rights are a reality for every human being. Amnesty’s mission is to investigate serious human rights violations and campaign against them all over the world.



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Half Marathon for Amnesty International
Cyril Sjöström
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